Say Goodbye to Teeth Sensitivity

Understanding Teeth Sensitivity:

Teeth sensitivity

I Guess you will agree with me on this

In every five minutes, We catch a sight of a Teeth sensitivity Advertisement, everyone talks about it and the kinds of toothpaste but not about what causes sensitivity and how can one avoid.

Yes, You got it right Teeth Sensitivity can be Cured or Avoided for Good.

Let’s Start with

Understanding Basic Tooth Structure:

Well, There are three Layers:


  •  First, The Outermost white Layer which is called Enamel.teeth sensitivity causes
  • It has NO NERVE ENDING, Hence, there is NO SENSITIVITY.


  • Second, It is the yellow layer Dentine.
  • It has Nerve Endings and hence, Sensitive.
  • It is a sensitive layer to occasional cold, Sour, Hot food and Liquids.

3. PULP:

  • Third, It is the Blood vessels and Nerves ( blood vessels and nerves so tooth pain or extremely sensitive especially to hot). Your teeth roots do not have enamel inside your gums so it has an outer layer of dentine i.e. called CEMENTUM in roots and Pulp.Reasons for Teeth Sensitivity

    Reasons for Teeth Sensitivity:


    Dental Sensitivity has few reasons to happen but most common of all is your
    Dentine/cementum exposure which can be due to following reasons:

  • Dental Cavity– if it has surpassed your enamel and reached your dentine.
  • Weak Gums– if your scaling is due over 6-8 months then the grip of your
    gums around your teeth weaken and let anything u take reach through
    your gums and touch the root cementum causing sensitivity.
  • Over-brushing– if one brushes hard, enamel tends to become thin
    thereby getting more close to your dentine and causing sensitivity.
  • Enamel crack– if for any reasons your enamel develops a crack, your
    dentine is exposed through the microcrack thereby causing sensitivity.

Frequent Teeth Whitening– if you are very Frequent say 3-4 months in
getting Teeth whitening (not scaling or teeth cleaning), then it thins out
n weakens your enamel.Avoid teeth Sensitivity


  • Its recommended for all be it patients or us doctors as well to get regular Teeth-scaling and cleaning done 6-8 months to keep gums tight n healthy.
  • Brush gently as if one is combing their hair or use a soft toothbrush if you are habitual to brush hard.
  • Incase you find a tooth sensitive, Do not delay to consult your doctor.
    In case you start using an anti sensitive toothpaste yourself and if it’s a microcrack then after a temporary relief one may end up in a Root Canal Treatment.

Teeth whitening should not be done quite often as the chemical
used might end up in permanent sensitivity. One can get once in
8-10 months. If your profession or lifestyle demands then one
should go for permanent lifetime teeth whitening.


Treating Teeth sensitivity

Well, Treating Teeth Sensitivity Secret lies within treating the Teeth Cavity.

Treating dental cavity- you may be unaware of your cavity till it’s in your enamel as there won’t be any sensitivity, so regular checkup or if you have food lodgement issue kindly get it checked. It’s better to get your filling done timely before it reaches dentine the second layer and causes sensitivity.

More Useful Content about Teeth Sensitivity:


It’s not advised to use an anti sensitive toothpaste on your own and that too daily as if your dentist needs to recommend you one for any reason your teeth won’t respond as they would have got habitual.

In case you use anti sensitive toothpaste kindly stop using after you get relief so that you can reuse it later if required.

The end result of untreated sensitivity and severe sensitivity is intentional Root Canal in order to de nerve the triggered nerve of your tooth, so kindly avoid reaching that stage firstly and if you have then please get your sensitivity treated on time.



Author: Dr Mehha GoelAlpha Dental Teeth Tamers

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