6 Food Items that can keep you away from Dental Problems


Healthy Diet For Healthy Teeth

We all have heard the famous saying ‘First Impression is the last Impression’ and most often it’s a smile.

It can influence the success of personal and business relationships which majorly depends on what we eat and drink, and so it should be healthy enough to avoid a less desirable smile.

A regular 6-monthly dental checkup can help treat cavities but few everyday ways can help us boost our dental health.

Antioxidants and other essential nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and other everyday foods boost the body’s immunity and promote good oral health.

Along with brushing twice and rinsing after every meal, following foods can help optimize our dental health.

Food to never miss to keep Health Teeth

Eat Cheese–

diet for healthy teeth- Cheese

High calcium content and lactic acid found in cheese and other dairy products act to strengthen the enamel and prevent decay. As per research protein, Calcium, Phosphorous content in cheese helps promote anticavity properties.

Black coffee–

diet for healthy teeth - Black Coffee

Good news for those whose day begins with a cup of black coffee. Moderate coffee consumption can have a protective effect against periodontal health by reducing the number of teeth with bone loss and weak gums. According to a new study. The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil released a study showing that varieties of coffee high in caffeine are also high in polyphenol, which helps to break up plaque-causing bacteria. Drinking a moderate amount of black coffee has been shown to protect your teeth from decay and actually helps fight plaque. But excessive coffee is harmful as it can give you sleepless nights and dental teeth stains. So Consider Coffee for the healthy Teeth but Don’t forget to Brush Twice and Dentist Visits to keep stains away.

Eat Gummy Bears–

Healthy Teeth Diet- Gummy Bear

it may actually be a treat for kids and adults but a study shows children who ate gummy bears with Xylitol one of the main ingredients, three times a day, had less plaque and bacteria on their teeth. Xylitol gummy bear snack may be an alternative to xylitol chewing gum for dental cavity prevention. So, Preserve your Teeth and your childhood. Don’t stop eating Gummy Bears.

Eat Salad-

Diet for Healthy Teeth
Salad doesn’t only keep you in healthy shape but also keep your teeth Heathy. Increase your salad portion, incorporating carrots, reddish in your salads or snack not only have health benefits but also it is a workout your gums and teeth and they stay healthy for a long time. Enjoy salads to keep your Body and Teeth Healthy.

Stay Hydrated–
Healthy Teeth Diet- water

Regular intervals of water intake will keep your teeth healthy as It saves your teeth form Bacteria Deposition which helps in preventing Tooth Decay and Cavities.
Water also helps in getting rid of Bad Breathing Problems. Because in a dry mouth, many bacteria thrive and which is why so many of us get “morning breath.” You can stop morning breath from following you through the day by keeping hydrated with water.

Drink Green Tea/ Black Tea–
healthy teeth Diet- Green tea

Consumption of tea can help battle bacteria, acid and even glucosyltransferase an enzyme that enables dental plaque to stick to teeth. Tea is able to absorb fluoride, which can help protect against tooth erosion. Hence black unsweetened tea or green tea helps reduce inflammation and prevent the adhesion and growth of bacteria in the mouth.
So Eat healthy, Stay Healthy.

Author: Dr Mehha Goel, Alpha Dental Teeth Tamers

Mail – drmehha@gmail.com


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